Screenshot Archive

I notice almost all the screenshots on the forums are hosted off site and are slowly vanishing with age. So I have downloaded what I could and added them to my own and dumped them here so they are not lost.
- Zayron

Screenshot Archive

Solars' Public Screenshots - Warhammer

Name Author Date
Dragonwake Waterfall Nimrook 8/12/2009
Bright Wizard In Fire Nimrook 8/12/2009

Solars' Public Screenshots - Dark Age of Camelot

Name Author Date
Herald Owned Flob 9/24/07
Fat Troll Arms Quadcam 4/24/07
Warrior Realm Rank 7 Ding Quadcam 4/14/07
Best. Screenshot. Ever Anonymous 10/31/06
Ghost 8 Man Zayron unknown
Solars Aerial Attack Impulse unknown
Stealth Zerg Zayron unknown
Hero Realm Rank 11 Ding Quadcam 8/28/06
Zayron 7/30/06
Zayron 7/30/06
944 Damage Zayron 7/15/06
Zayron and Flob Zayron 5/10/06
Flob Worship Zayron 5/6/06
563 unstyled Quadcam unknown
Firbolg/Kobold Quadcam unknown
Hero Stealth Quadcam unknown
Troll VW Quadcam unknown
Captured Banners Zayron unknown
Glacier Giant Zayron unknown
Alb RvR (OF) Mythius unknown
Euro server hack 1 unknown unknown
Euro server hack 2 unknown unknown
Euro server hack 3 unknown unknown