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Solars of Dark Age of Camelot - Ywain and Bedevere

Sorry but I have shut down the forums. They have been mostly inactive since 2010. I truly loved hosting forums for everyone but at this point, there is more spam bot activity than anything else. I am not even sure if real people look here anymore.

If you're still out there and want to talk there are a hand full of us in Discord now. You can use the contact link on the left to reach me.

Otherwise, may the forums rest in peace. It was a blast running them and the time of a lifetime hanging out with all of you!

- Zayron


Some old videos for old times' sake.

Attack of the Undead - 2007

Monday Pug - 07-30-2007

Random Lost videos - 2006

Solars Gareth Xaiv Druid - 2006

Solars 2005 on Gareth

Solars RvR on Bedevere 2004

Insurgo Flob Point of View - 8/12/06

Trained Again - Merlin Server

Special Thanks

Special thanks to these and others I may be forgetting for making the forums, guild, and DAOC such a big success!
  • Quadcam
  • Tykwon
  • Zoobie
  • Apocratys
  • Xaiv
  • Freaks
  • Kyroki
  • Bunni
  • Luth
  • Fellc
  • Ryinst
  • Stryves
  • Nightlegs
  • Jumbie
  • Ravvok
  • Flob
  • Whirllwind
  • Alolis
  • Frejn
  • Yak
  • JaimiKo
  • Carp
  • Jacara
  • Zlott
  • Xedocon
  • Manii Names
  • West
  • Ruby
  • Nephalym
  • Bluue
  • Bracnogard
  • Daaz
  • Drakkars